[Fix] Why can I only list one Item on Facebook Marketplace


Facebook marketplace is a powerful way to sell your products to your preferred customers via listing them on the marketplace. It’s a classified ad section of the Facebook platform. It helps different people around the world to sell items locally. 

This feature works like eBay and other popular classified ad platforms just like Craigslist. According to a recent research publication by Statistica, there are almost 2.96 billion active monthly users of Facebook worldwide. 

You don’t need to install any separate app to use the Facebook marketplace. It’s available to use by anyone who simply has a running Facebook account. 

While listing items on the Facebook marketplace, many users often face facebook marketplace limit reached problem where they are only allowed to list one item on the Facebook marketplace.

In this post, we are going to discuss why there is a temporary limit on Facebook marketplace. And how to fix it.

Quick Answer

You can only list one item on Facebook Marketplace because Facebook imposes a temporary limit for new users or those with inactive accounts to control spam and encourage active participation.

As you become more active and trustworthy, this limit may be increased. Established users can list more items, typically up to 150 per day.

Facebook Marketplace Listing Limit New User:

There are many users who can list multiple items on the Facebook marketplace but some face issues such as they can’t add multiple items at once. Often, new users face this issue: they can only list one item or just a few items.

Why is there a temporary limit on Facebook marketplace?

The reason is that either they have just created a new Facebook account or are not a regular user of this platform. 

Often New users get this message “Because you’re new to marketplace, there’s a temporary limit on how much you can list and message. We do this to help build a better community for buyers and sellers.” So they can only list one item on the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook wants to control spamming and the annoying behavior of users while using their marketplaces. So they have set a limit on listing items on Facebook.

Old users who have an established Facebook account with some friends and public posts can list multiple items on the marketplace. 

How Long Is The Temporary Limit On Facebook Marketplace?

There is no specific time for the limit to be removed from the Facebook marketplace. It could be days or even weeks. But once you are actively using it, having some friends, do regular activities. It is a good chance that you will be able to remove the temporary limit from the marketplace.

How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Limit Reached

If you want to fix or remove Facebook marketplace listing limits, then you will have to prove to Facebook that you are a real person and not a bot so they can trust you.

Facebook works on algorithms so there are a few ways that you can prove to Facebook that you are a real user to remove the Facebook marketplace limit.

Be Active: In order to establish trust with Facebook, you will need to be active on Facebook. Add some friends, and join some relevant groups. List an item on the marketplace and wait for someone to respond to that listing. 

Reply to them as soon as you can, communicate with them and if your product/listed item is sold, then you can mark that item as sold. This increases trust in the eyes of Facebook.

Interact with other listings: Another way of showing trust is to check other people’s listings on the marketplace. Interact with them, and do some chat with the person who has listed the product. 

Setup your account: Try to add info to your account like adding a profile picture, and cover photo, and setting up basic information about your school, college, or your job organization. You can also add some public posts on Facebook and add some friends so you can interact with them. 

Once the algorithm starts to trust you, your limit to add listings will improve. There is no exact time or day for this, but it will surely increase after you start to use Facebook actively.

Is there a limit to how many items you can list on Facebook Marketplace

Yes, there is a limit on how many items a user can list on the Facebook marketplace. Old users can list up to 150 items per day while the temporary limit on Facebook marketplace new accounts can only add one listing on Facebook marketplace. 

How Many Listings Can You Have On Facebook Marketplace?

You can have Unlimited Facebook Listings(can sell multiple items) on your marketplace account but there is a per-day limit of 150 items that you can list on the marketplace each day.

I hope you would have been able to get your queries answered with this post and now you will be able to fix the temporary limit on listing items on the Facebook marketplace. If you have any other questions that you want me to answer, you can let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Janet Stanley says:

    I have been posting on FB marketplace for years. Today this is the message I am getting when trying to post an item…

    Limit reached As your new to market place there’s a temporary limit on how much you can list and message we do this to help build a better community for buyers and sellers…

    I understand that this may be the case for new marketplace or Facebook user but I’ve been posting and selling on here for years. I’m extremely confused!
    Any suggestions would be great!

    1. ShoaibIrshad says:

      Hi Janet, sorry to hear that.

      It’s been on going for many people including me as well. And that’s why I put up this blog and shared how it helped.
      If you need to urgently use Facebook Marketplace, you can use that via a new account and keep trying with your old(main) account.

      These bugs are still not fixed by Facebook and who knows when.

  2. I’m not new to Facebook or Facebook Marketplace and I use it several times a day. However, I’m currently getting a message that I am limited in my listings because I’m new to Facebook. I currently have 24 listings up and some of those are ones I have been unable to delete because I says I have an order (the orders are more than 6 months old). How can I fix this and start listing again?

  3. Ehsaan Ali says:

    I’m old now why I cannot reached limited
    I want to selling many items

    1. ShoaibIrshad says:

      You should create multiple profile for that as Facebook has lots of bugs and that could the reason you are unable to list multiple items.

      1. Peggy Anderson says:

        I am currently only able to list in one place. It use to allow on 20 sites.

    2. Good morning! I’ve been posting on Marketplace for many years and for the past few days I’ve been getting this message “You’ve reached your monthly listing limit. Please come back on or after the first day of next month to create new listings”. Since the beginning of the month, however, I have only published 20 ads and the other months I publish many more… Is there a new limit? Do you have a solution? Thanks!

      1. I am facing the some problem !

      2. Exact same problem here!

  4. Hi Ethan,

    Thanks for the post. For the sake of narrowing in on a real solution to this I want to mention that I have an account more than two years old, have 5 marketplace reviews from other users all 5 stars, have a full profile, with plenty of friends/connections, frequently converse with other users, and everything you outlined in this blog post I am doing and have done for the past two years. My limit is still 1 item. Unfortunately I don’t think these things make a difference or “crack the code” on the algorithm.

    1. Ethan Carter says:

      You are right Tara, many users have the same complain. I surely believe it’s some kind of Facebook bug that is preventing users to do so. You may try to list from a new account maybe that could work.


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