How to Find Deleted Listings on Facebook Marketplace?

How to find deleted listings on Facebook Marketplace

Have you ever encountered a situation when you accidentally deleted your Facebook Marketplace Listings and now you want to access it?

It is not possible to retrieve the Facebook Marketplace Listings once they get deleted.

You may create another similar listing by mentioning the same details added before if you wish to sell the item again on Facebook Marketplace.


What Happens When You Delete a Listing on Facebook Marketplace?

When you delete a listing on Facebook Marketplace, the listing is removed from public view and is no longer visible to other users.

This means that people browsing or searching for items on Facebook Marketplace will no longer be able to find or see your deleted listing.

Deleting a listing is typically done by the seller of the item.

It’s important to note that once a listing is deleted on Facebook Marketplace, it cannot be recovered or accessed again by the seller or other users.



Can I recover a deleted listing on Facebook Marketplace?

No, once a listing is deleted on Facebook Marketplace, it cannot be recovered. However, you can try reaching out to the seller to inquire about the item’s availability.

Why do sellers delete listings on Facebook Marketplace?

Sellers often delete listings once an item is sold to avoid unnecessary inquiries. Additionally, if a listing violates Facebook’s policies or if it has expired, the seller may remove it.

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  1. Kevin Ackerman says:

    Hey there

    What If a seller sold something fraudulently, can I ask FB to provide evidence of the wording on the ad?

    1. Ethan Carter says:

      I didn’t understand what you are trying to say. Are you talking about reporting fraudulent ads?

      1. Bryan Fernandes says:

        Hello Ethan, I don’t know if this is a good idea to text you here, I went through every possible way to get some help that I lost money on Facebook marketplace

        1. Ethan Carter says:

          Hello Bryan,

          It’s sad to hear but as you would know, this is not an official Facebook blog and we share information that’s available and experiences. So we couldn’t do much in that case. But you could try to get some help from an online support representative but again that won’t be easy. Read more on that here > Contacting Facebook Marketplace Support

      2. I deleted an ad after selling an item but did not realise the message people have sent me through that also goes, is there any way to get those messages back as i need them to mail an item that someone paid for but have no way of contacting them.

        1. Ethan Carter says:

          Hello Hanah, sad to know that but there isn’t much that you can do now to get that back.

          There is only one hope left and this is that you can check your mail box(email attached with your account) for message related emails.

          Hopefully you would’ve received an email of all the people that have sent you messages. Again not sure you would exactly able to find your prospects with this but that’s the only option left now.

  2. thank you very much

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