Why is Boost Unavailable on Facebook?

Why is Boost Unavailable on Facebook

Facebook has a lot of users which is great for promoting your business. There’s an option called “Boost” that helps you spread your stuff to a big number of users.

But sometimes, you might see a message that says “Boost Unavailable” on your Facebook post. This happens for different reasons.

In this article, we’ll explain  “Why is Boost Unavailable on Facebook” happen and tell you how to fix the “Boost unavailable issue on Facebook page or profile“. Let’s get started!


You cannot boost a post on Facebook if it’s a cover photo, profile picture, or someone’s shared content, or has certain technical issue, has special codes, is expired, or goes against Facebook’s rules. You also can’t boost if you haven’t made the Facebook page public or if you’re not in one of the important roles like admin, moderator, advertiser, or editor. 

Why is Boost Unavailable on Facebook?

Boosting posts can be a great way to get more people interested in your content and bring them to your website. But if the Boost button isn’t working, it can be a problem for your business goals.

Don’t worry! You can get things back on track by sorting out the issue and using Facebook ads to keep growing online. However, it’s important to remember that you must provide a payment method because boosting posts comes with a cost.

Want to learn how? We’re going to discuss those reasons in greater depth. Keep reading!

Boost Unavailable on Facebook
  1. Cover photos cannot be boosted directly. To use your cover photo in an ad, create a regular post with the cover photo and then boost that post.
  2. Unpublished pages can’t boost posts; they need to be published.
  3. You can only boost a post that has been published. If a post is in a draft or unpublished state, it’s not visible to anyone except the page administrators, and therefore, it cannot be boosted. Only Visible, published posts are boostable.
  4. Posts with Facebook Click IDs can’t be boosted; they’re restricted.
  5. If your ad account or payment method is disabled, you can’t boost posts.
  6. Unverified pages can’t boost live/scheduled videos. Verification is necessary.
  7. Boosting isn’t available for shared posts or albums; it promotes original content.
  8. Expired posts or offers can’t be boosted; promotion has a timeframe.
  9. Boosting is unavailable if you lack roles: admin, moderator, advertiser, or editor on the Facebook page.
  10. Your page breaks Facebook’s ad rules. This could be due to various reasons, such as promoting prohibited products, using inappropriate language or images, or engaging in deceptive practices. 

How to fix Boost unavailable on the Facebook page?

If we want to know why our Facebook Post or Page isn’t getting boosted, we first need to diagnose the reason behind “boost unavailable.” Some steps can help us with this.

  1. First, simply go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Look for the post you want to boost, then hover over “Boost unavailable.” A message will provide the reason for the post being unboostable.
  3. Read the tip about “Boost unavailable.” Then, find it in the list above to understand why your boost is unavailable and explore alternative options.


Understanding “Why is boost unavailable on my Facebook page” is crucial for effective promotion and engagement. Various factors, such as post visibility, account permissions, adherence to advertising policies, and expired content, can contribute to this issue.

Businesses and page administrators can overcome these hurdles by carefully diagnosing the specific reason and following the recommended steps.

It’s essential to maintain a compliant and engaging online presence to maximize the benefits of Facebook promotion and expand the reach of their content, ultimately achieving their objectives.

We believe our guidance will help you successfully address the “Boost Unavailable” issue on Facebook. If you encounter any more problems, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. We’re here to assist you!

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