How to Change Someone’s Nickname on Discord? [Step-by-Step]

How to change someone's nickname on Discord

In the dynamic world of online communication, Discord has emerged as a leading platform for connecting with friends and communities.

Discord offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience, and one such feature is the ability to change someone’s nickname.

Unlike usernames, which are unique identifiers, nicknames are customizable and provide a more informal way to address and interact with others on the platform.

This article will guide you through the process of changing your friends and others’ nicknames on Discord.


How to Change Others’ Nicknames on Discord?

There are several reasons you might want to change a user’s nickname on Discord:

  • Clarity: To avoid confusion if multiple users have similar names or if someone’s username doesn’t identify them within the context of the server.
  • Roles and Titles: To reflect a user’s role, rank, or achievement within the server, such as “Moderator,” “Champion,” etc.
  • Fun and Engagement: To keep the server lively, engaging, and fun by adopting themed nicknames for events or special occasions.

The process of changing someone’s nickname is a bit different on PC and mobile.

So, let’s discuss how to change someone’s nickname on a Discord server.

To change someone’s nickname in a Discord server, you must have administrative privileges to that server.

On WEB/Desktop

STEP 1: Launch “Discord” on your PC.

Open Discord PC on your computer

STEP 2: Go to your preferred server from the servers list.

Choose the server

STEP 3: Click on the “People” icon to show the members list.

Click on people icon in the server Discord PC

STEP 4: Look for the person you want to change the nickname of.

STEP 5: Right-click their name and select “Change Nickname”.

Click on Change nickname Discord PC

STEP 6: Set their nickname and click “Save”.

Change Username and Click Save Discord PC

On Mobile

STEP 1: Launch the “Discord” app on your mobile.

Open Discord on your phone

STEP 2: Tap on the “Hamburger” icon in the top-right corner.

Tap on the hamburger menu icon

STEP 3: Go to your preferred server from the servers list.

Select a server on mobile

STEP 4: Tap on the “People” icon in the top-right corner to see the members’ list.

Tap on people icon discord mobile

STEP 5: Look for the person you want to change the nickname of.

STEP 6: Tap on their username and a pop-up box will appear.

Tap on their profile and swipe up menu will appear discord mobile

STEP 7: Tap on “Manage”.

Tap on manage on user profile discord mobile

STEP 8: Type their nickname in the “NICKNAME” box and tap “Done”.

Type nickname and tap done discord mobile

STEP 9: Tap on “Close”.

Tap on close discord mobile

Their new nickname will be visible in the members’ list.

Changing someone’s nickname in a server will change their nickname for everyone. That being said, the nickname will be visible to everyone on the server. You will have to add that person as a friend if you want to change their nickname for yourself only.


How to Change Your Friends’ Nicknames on Discord?

Changing nicknames on Discord can add a personal touch to your interactions.

It allows you to use familiar or affectionate names that reflect the nature of your relationship with the person.

On WEB/Desktop

STEP 1: Launch Discord on your PC.

STEP 2: Click on “Friends” then choose “All” at the top.

Friends and all friends on Discord PC

STEP 3: Look for the friend whose nickname you want to change.

STEP 4: Right-click their profile and choose “Add Friend Nickname”.

Right click user and click add friend nickname Discord PC

STEP 5: Type your friend’s nickname in the box and click on “Save”.

Set your friends nickname and click save Discord PC

Your friend’s nickname will be visible to you.

On Mobile

STEP 1: Launch the “Discord” app on your mobile.

STEP 2: Tap on the “Friends” icon at the bottom.

Tap on friends icon discord mobile

STEP 3: Look for your friend whose nickname you want to change.

STEP 4: Tap on their name. A swipe-up menu of their profile will appear.

Tap on friends profile discord mobile

STEP 5: Tap on the vertical ellipsis located on their profile.

Tap on vertical ellipsis on discord mobile

STEP 6: Tap on “Add Friend Nickname”.

Tap on add friend nickname discord mobile

STEP 7: Set your friend’s nickname and tap “Save”.

Add your friends nickname discord mobile


Changing someone’s nickname on Discord is a simple yet powerful tool for server administrators and moderators. It allows for better organization, role identification, and adds a layer of personalization and fun to the community. By following the steps outlined in this guide and keeping in mind the importance of respect and communication, you can effectively manage nicknames on your Discord server, creating a more engaging and organized environment for all members.


Do others see my chosen nickname across all servers on Discord?

No, you can have a different nickname on each server. Your chosen nickname is specific to that server.

Are nicknames public on Discord?

Nicknames are visible within the server where they are set. Keep privacy in mind when choosing nicknames.

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