How to Get Active Developer Badge on Discord? [Step-by-Step]

How to Get an Active Developer Badge on Discord

Discord, the popular communication platform for gamers and communities, offers various badges to recognize and distinguish its users.

One such badge is the Active Developer Badge, which acknowledges the creativity and contributions of the developer community.

To obtain this badge, you must have at least one active bot or application with a global slash command and use that command at least once every 30 days.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to earn the Active Developer Badge on Discord.

To get an active developer badge on Discord, go to Discord Developer Portal -> Create a new application -> In the left side-bar, go to “Bot” -> Enable all three privileged gateway intents and save changes -> Scroll up and click on “Reset Token” -> Copy the new token and paste it in GhostBot’s “Create a bot” box -> Invite Ghostbot to your Discord server -> Type the command “/activedevbadge” -> After 24 hours, claim your developer badge from Discord Developer Portal.

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What is Active Developer Badge on Discord?

The Active Developer Badge on Discord is a prestigious recognition that sets developers apart in the community.

By earning this badge, you demonstrate your commitment to creating and maintaining active bots or applications with global slash commands.

It symbolizes dedication, expertise, and commitment to the Discord ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria for Active Developer Badge

Before you start the application process, it’s important to understand the criteria you need to meet to be eligible for the Active Developer Badge.

Active Development

You must be actively involved in developing a Discord bot, app, or other integration that is in use by the community. This doesn’t mean your project has to be the most popular out there, but it should have a noticeable impact or utility.

Compliance with Discord’s Guidelines

Your development project must comply with Discord’s terms of service and developer guidelines. This includes respecting user privacy, ensuring the security of your app or bot, and adhering to community standards.

How to Get Active Developer Badge on Discord?

Follow the steps given below to claim your active developer badge on Discord:

1. Create a New Application

To begin your journey toward earning the Active Developer Badge, you need to create a new application on the Discord Developer Portal. To do that,

STEP 1: Open the Discord Developer Portal in your web browser.

Go to Discord Developer Portal

STEP 2: Click on the “New application” button to create a new application.

Click on New Application in DDP

STEP 3: Provide a name for your application and accept the terms and services.

Give your application name and create it on DDP

Once your application is created, you will be redirected to the application settings page.

2. Add a Bot to Your Application

Now that you have created your application, it’s time to add a bot to it. A bot is essential for performing actions and executing commands on Discord.

Here’s how you can add a bot to your application:

STEP 4: In the application settings page, navigate to the “Bot” tab on the left sidebar.

Navigate to Bot on DDP

STEP 5: Give your bot a proper username.

3. Enable Privileged Gateway Intents and Retrieve the Bot Token

For your bot to function properly, you need to enable privileged gateway intents and retrieve the bot token. Follow these steps:

STEP 6: Scroll down to the “Privileged Gateway Intents” section on the bot settings page.

STEP 7: Enable all three privileged gateway intents: “Presence Intent,” “Server Members Intent,” and “Message Content Intent.”

Enable Privileged Gateway Intents in DDP

STEP 8: Save the changes to apply the enabled intents.

Click on Save Changes in DDP

STEP 9: Scroll back up to the “Token” section and click on the “Reset Token” button.

Click on Reset Token in DDP

STEP 10: Confirm the token reset.

Confirm the reset token in DDP

STEP 11: Copy the newly generated bot token to your clipboard.

Copy the new token in DDP

NOTE: Treat this token as sensitive information and do not share it with others.

4. Create a Bot on BotGhost

To host and develop your bot without coding, you can use BotGhost. Follow these steps to create a bot on BotGhost:

STEP 12: Visit the BotGhost website.

STEP 13: Click on the “Create a Bot” button. Then, log in to your Discord account and authorize BotGhost.

Click on Create bot on botghost

STEP 14: Paste the bot token you copied earlier into the “Bot Token” field.

Paste the Token in Botghost Dashboard

STEP 15: Click on the “Create Bot” button to create your bot on BotGhost.


5. Invite the Bot to Your Server and Run a Command

Now that you have created your bot, it’s time to invite it to your Discord server and run a command. Here’s how you can do it:

STEP 16: On the BotGhost dashboard, click on the “Invite” button located on the left sidebar.

Invite Ghostbot to your server

STEP 17: Select the Discord server where you want to invite the bot.

Select the server and continue on botghost

STEP 18: Authorize the bot to join your server.

Authorize botghost in your server

STEP 19: Once the bot is successfully invited, head over to your Discord server and navigate to a text channel.

STEP 20: Type the following command in the text channel: /activedevbadge

Type the activedevbadge command in Discord

If everything is set up correctly, the bot should respond with a success message indicating that the command has been executed.

6. Wait for 24 Hours

After running the /activedevbadge command, you will need to wait for 24 hours for Discord to register your bot’s activity.

During this waiting period, Discord will track your bot’s usage of the global slash command.

7. Claiming the Active Developer Badge

Once the 24-hour waiting period is over, you can proceed to claim the Active Developer Badge. Follow these steps:

STEP 21: Open the Active Developer Badge page on the Discord Developer Portal.

STEP 22: Select your bot from the active application dropdown.

Select your application bot on Discord

STEP 23: Choose a community server to set as the support server for your bot.

Select a support server for your application

STEP 24: Select a text channel to serve as an announcement channel for announcements from the Discord Developer Server.

Select a support text channel on Discord

STEP 25: Click on the “Claim” button to get your Active Developer Badge.


Earning the Active Developer Badge on Discord is a testament to your commitment and contribution to the developer community. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can showcase your active bot or application with a global slash command and receive the recognition you deserve. Remember to keep your bot active and continue creating innovative experiences for Discord users.


Is the Active Developer badge permanent?

Yes, once you earn the Active Developer badge, it is permanent, provided you maintain your active participation and adhere to Discord’s guidelines.

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